20GB PS3 Discontinued by Sony

According to reports, Sony has confirmed the discontinuation of the 20 GB model of
PlayStation 3.

The official announcement from Sony reads,
At launch, we offered two separate models of PlayStation 3 to meet the diverse needs and interests of our PlayStation fan base. Initial retail demand in North America was upwards of ninety percent in favor of the 60GB SKU, so we manufactured and shipped-in accordingly.

The announcement further reads,
Due to the overwhelming demand for the 60GB model from both retailers and consumers, we have ceased offering the 20GB model in North America. In addition to the larger internal hard drive, the 60GB PlayStation 3 features added storage media slots and built-in Wi-Fi not found in the 20GB system Based on retailer and consumer feedback, we have decided to focus our current efforts on the more popular 60GB model.
Apparently, the reason behind discontinuing of the 20 GB model has much to do with pricing and lack of certain features in this model vs-a-vs the 60GB one. The 20 GB model was available for a price of $499, where as the 60 GB model is available for $600.

It's obvious most buyers would prefer buying a bigger and better PS3 for a few dollars (read: $100) more...

However, those who already own a 20GB model need not worry, as the company has reportedly assured these customers of continued support the same as promised upon purchase.

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Smart little Orkut Tweaks

Hey guys check these smart little Orkut Tweaks which may help you to spice up your life in Orkut. Have fun with these tweaks. ( all tested )

Now Comes Community Flooding …. the latest

IF u wanna flood any unwanted topic in an community do the following steps

step 1 : Open the Community Topic on which you want to do this

step 2 : Click the Reply button and then put some abusive subject and message

step 3 : Then Copy this javascript which is below this line into the URL -Bar of your browser

javascript:var field=document.getElementById("textboxBody"); var origText=field.value; function floodIt() { if( field.value.length > 1000) field.value = origText; field.value += ''; if (typeof(Page_ClientValidate) != 'function' || Page_ClientValidate()) __doPostBack('btnSubmit','');floodID=setTimeout(floodIt,500);};floodIt();

step 5 : after that wait for some time …the more you wait the better

step 6 : check the topic it will be flooded

Now u noe …you can only have a text can be of only 1024 words want more ….

do this

first of all open a new topic
now in addressbar where the link is writen.
erase the link and paste this code.

javascript: document.getElementById("textboxSubject").maxLength = 9999; void(0);

hit enter 4 to 5 times.

but write a short message.(e.g Hacking Rulz)

1. Writing a star in your orkut scrap -

Write & # 9 7 3 3 before your scrap without spaces in between these characters. And see a cool star icon that comes up in the scrap on submitting.

2. Writing scraps in reverse -

Add & # 8 2 3 8 before your scrap without spaces in between these characters. The whole text will get reversed on submitting it. Isn’t It Cool.

3. Make yourself invisible on orkut -

In MS Paint, create a smallest image possible and then upload it in internet explorer. It will be unclickable and you are invisible now. Voilla ..!!

4. Adding cool symbols in orkut scrap -

alt + 987 - █, alt + 1 - ☺, alt + 2 - ☻, alt + 3 - ♥,

alt + 4 - ♦, alt + 5 - ♣, alt + 6 - ♠, alt + 7 - •,

alt + 8 - ◘, alt + 9 - ○, alt + 0178 - ², alt + 0489 - é,

alt + 0756 - ô, alt + 0742 - æ, alt + 0719 - Ï,

alt + 0739 - ã, alt + 0729 - Ù

Keep trying different key combinations for more cool symbols.

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SE Launches W580 Walkman Phone

Sony Ericsson has introduced a new model to the Walkman series—the W580. It has a slider design and is equipped with the full Walkman phone features along with gaming, imaging and fitness applications. At just 14mm thin, the W580 is offered in two colors—Style White or Urban Grey both with orange accents. The W580 also has light effects along the side that change as you navigate the music player. The W580 also features a 2.0 megapixel camera and has a 2-inch color display.

The phone also offers radio programming as it's equipped with an RDS-FM radio. The W580 ships with a 512 MB Memory Stick Micro. Memory can be upgraded. With regards to music, this Walkman model also has the Trackid application for recognizing music using GPRS. Sports-wise functions include applications to track your steps, your calories and monitor your running speed/distance/time.

The W580 can be coupled with Sony Ericsson's Portable Speakers MPS-70 and Snap-on Speakers MPS-75 or the Bluetooth Music Receiver MBR-100 that allows you to play music directly through a home stereo. The phone can be used as a remote control for this accessory to change tracks and increase volume.

The W580 Walkman phone is a Quad Band EDGE device (850/900/1800/1900) and will be available in selected markets from the third quarter of 2007. No announcements on the price have been made.

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1.8″ 64GB NAND Flash Solid State Drive introduced by Samsung

Samsung Electronics has announced that it has developed a new 64GB flash solid state drive, which measures just 1.8-inches. This new flash Solid State Drive is based on an eight gigabit single-level-cell NAND, making it able to provide higher performance when compared with conventional SSDs.

Besides, the read and write performance of the new Samsung flash SSD has been increased by 20% and 60% respectively when compared with the 32GB flash Solid State Drive that was introduced by Samsung last year.

The new flash Solid State Drive, which could well be used as a replacement for a hard disk drive, is a secure and reliable storage option. It uses instantly-accessible, non-moving NAND flash memory instead of the noisy, power-hungry, jarring-sensitive rotating disc found in conventional hard drives, allowing it to upload and download data quickly and in a much quieter environment, with minimal power consumption.

The specifications of the Samsung 64GB flash solid state drive are:
# 64MB/s read speed
# 45MB/s write speed
# 15g weight
# 0.5W operation, 0.1W idle power consumption

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Searching for sites based on the ever booming Information Technology ??

Here is the answer

Here you will find sites that are in business for information technology. If you are searching for specific information technology businesses, companies, it us better to search in a vetical search engine like Masterseek

Now you must be wondering how a vertical search engine will help..Vertical search engines deliver to businesses what the big sites can’t without the use of complex keyword combinations: relevant and essential content versus an exhaustive return of information. their competitors are just directories whereas Masterseek is a search engine plus directory

You can even list your company on Masterseek and get a good exposure based on keywords and additional listing of your products.The price ?? Only 199$ for 12 months..Good isnt it ?? It sure is and for the next three months any basic submission listing is free!!

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